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Heart Matters Home Health Care is Playing Wheel of Fortune with Seniors

At Heart Matters Home Health Care we believe it is important to be involved with local assisted living facilities. Bringing warmth and care to the elderly, through mind stimulating games and fun activities is important to us.

Our activities are well attended, and we are often asked to return. One very successful activity we have implemented is the game, Wheel of Fortune, which helps stimulate the minds of the residents, especially those suffering from Alzheimer's disease or Dementia. This popular game show has turned out to be an excellent way to encourage the residents to use their long term memories while socializing with other residents.

We use special techniques catered for the elderly to assure all can play and enjoy the game. We carefully select puzzles that are easily solvable to our audience. Some popular puzzles categories include "Famous People", "TV Shows", "Before and After", "Things in the Kitchen", "Places", and "Movies." Making sure all players understand the game, we provide full instructions and give category hints, making everyone comfortable and able to win. Using a very large game board provides assistance for anyone with visual impairments. Also, any letter that is guessed is written on a giant white board. And, pairing residents creates friendships and allows them to assist one another.

Heart Matters Home Health Care awards the winning team a prize of their choice. Some popular prizes have been pashmina scarves, fleece blankets, and water

bottles. Everyone feels a sense of pride when the puzzle has been solved.

Remember, "What you don't use, you lose." We find it extremely important to participate in mind stimulating activities to maintain thinking abilities. Heart Matters Home Health Care staff personally interacts with every resident that participates in playing Wheel-of-Fortune. It is our pleasure to provide an activity that encourages seniors to laugh, socialize with their peers, and stimulate their memories.

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